學 Good Life environmental improvement Begins with education

六腳鄉 不山不市的學童 需要您的愛心助學


主辦: 台北龍翔扶輪社 / 台北龍山扶輪社

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學校 School:

  • 更寮國小Geng-Liao Elementary School
  • 北美國小Bei Mei Primary School


捐款帳戶: 台北龍翔扶輪社
捐款帳號: 玉山銀行(808)  城中分行 0532-940-100783
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  1. 嘉義縣地區人口結構隨著出生率的下降而變化,高齡人口增加。這種趨勢仍在繼續。低出生率迫使政府減少學校的資源。隨之而來的是問題教育質量,人力和資源的不公平分配。The demographic structure in the Chiayi County its changing with the decline of birth rates, the increase of elderly population. And this trend is continuing dramatically. The low birth rates force the government to reduce the resource of school. And with it are the issues of quality of education, manpower and unfair distribution of resources.
  2. 隔代教養問題 Grandparents raising grandchildren issues.
  3. 人口外移造成鄉村地區的勞動力老化和產業衰退 The population change causing the local industrial decline and labor aging.


我們的主要目標是幫助改善鄉村學校和社區識字教育的價值。 這兩所學校的校長都同意一起舉辦教育識字計畫來改善鄉村的教育. 這計畫包含了閱讀,識字, 和書法.讓大家重視隔代教養及老動力老化問題. Our primary goal is to help improve the value of literacy education in the rural schools and communities. The principal of both schools agreed to hold an educational literacy program to improve rural education. The education program includes reading, literacy, and calligraphy. Let everyone pay attention to the issue of Grandparents raising and labor aging.

這計畫與扶輪社的基礎教育與識字使命一致.符合國際扶輪四大考驗.This project is consistent and focus with Rotary’s Basic education and literacy mission. And satisfied the requirement of the Rotary 4-way test.

為扶輪人提供了一個分享愛來幫助人的機會,以幫助世界各角落為目標來展示扶輪國際的努力 Provide Rotarian an opportunity to share love to help people and the corner of the world to show the efforts of Rotary International.



我們收到了很多人的回饋意見。每個人似乎都明白改變生活,改善鄉村學校和社區識字教育的價值。We have received good feedback from everyone we have spoken to. Everybody seems to understand the value of changing people’s life and helping Improving literacy education in rural school and communities.

普及的基礎教育是鄉村發展的重要組成部分。小學教育在兒童全面發展中的重要性研究人員聲稱,參加一個好的計劃和快樂的學校對孩子的學業進步比他們的家庭背景或性別更有影響。The universal basic education is a critical part of rural development. The Importance of Primary Education in a Child’s overall development attending a good program and happy school has more impact on children’s academic progress than their family background or their gender, researchers have claimed.

那些接受過教育的學生是更好的農民,更有能力找到改變生活和減輕貧困的解決方案,基礎教育是必不可少的。Those students who have had some education are better farmers and more capable of finding solution to change their life and the alleviation of poverty, in which basic education is essential.

低收入縣的鄉村小學經常受到影響,因為他們位於不山不市,教育資源分配有限,所以資金常常不足。The rural primary schools in low-income County often suffer because they are remote from the central offices of the ministry of education, which distribute instructional resources, so their quality is poor.

鄉村家庭負擔不起教育費用,也沒有機會安排旅行以擴大孩子的世界觀。The rural families cannot afford the direct cost of schooling nor the opportunity to arrange trip to expanding their child’s world view.

我們支持並幫助這兩所小學在小學教育中為孩子提供閱讀,寫作訓練,灌輸和發展的能力。這被認為是未來所有智力發展的基礎。We support and helps these two Primary school create program focus on Ability of reading, writing trained, inculcated and developed in the child in primary education. This is considered as the foundation for all of the intellectual developments in future.

學習中華文化書法中引入了倫理道德學科,以培養孩子成長為更好的公民和社會。The ethics and morality subjects are introduced in the Learning Chinese calligraphy in order to make the child grow up as better citizens and society.